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Physicist Brian Green promises he will tell the audience at TED 2014 the whole history of the universe in four minutes. “Forgive me,” he says, “if I leave out a detail here or there.”

He does it with two metaphors. One from the beginning till now, and another from now till the end.

TED2014_DD_DSC_2082 Brian Greene. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

The universe today is 13.8 billion years old, and it can be very hard to get our minds around that number. So Greene uses a metaphor pioneered by Carl Sagan. Imagine that we’re part of a single calendar year. All of cosmic history compressed into a single calendar year. On this calendar:

  • May 12, the Milky Way is formed.
  • Sept 2nd, the Earth is formed.
  • 11:40pm New Year’s Eve, Humans evolve.
  • 11:44pm, we domesticate fire.
  • 11:58pm the first cave paintings are made.
  • 11:59:49pm writing is developed, so all of recorded history takes place…

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Luke Kaschmitter, left, places his underwater remotely operated vehicle into the water as his team takes on a mission at the 2014 Utah Underwater Robotics Competition at the Lehi Legacy Center Wednesday, March 19, 2014. MARK JOHNSTON/Daily Herald

Crowds of students lined the pool at the Lehi Legacy Center on Wednesday as they took part in the 2014 Utah Underwater Robotics Competition hosted by BYU’s Splash Lab on Wednesday.

Teams deployed remotely-operated underwater vehicles they built themselves and attempted to complete four tasks in ten minutes as outlined in their mission overviews. The mission was a simulation of a potential real-life research project in which a team would locate an underwater structure in Jordanelle Reservoir, open one of its doors, deploy a sensor and collect samples before returning to the surface.

A number of the teams were made up of students from a sixth-grade advanced learning lab class at Westfield…

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Xprize is known for its ambition. The outfit, with the help of some big name (and deep pocketed) partners, has launched initiatives to spur Star Trek-like tricorder development and even get private industry to land a rover on the moon. But now, it?s teaming up with TED, that forum for big ideas, to do something a little different. The two companies have just announced an Xprize for Artificial Intelligence and here?s the hook: they want the AI to conduct its own TED Talk with no human assist. Mind. Blown. None of this is actually set in stone though and, in fact, the partners are looking to you ? yes, you ? for help in deciding how this all goes down.

Xprize is hosting a dedicated subsite so that readers (excuse us, big thinkers!) like you can pitch in with ideas on what the AI TED Talk…

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Originally posted on Boom real estate:
Creative light-shaping by architects and interior architects, married with ingenious, technologically driven lighting solutions, are changing the way we experience, interact with and use light in work, contract and other spaces Architonic, by Alex Bradley LONDON — On this bright and sunny Saturday morning, the sunlight is at a typically acute…

Educational Apps for Elementary Teachers & Students


Description: *FREE app at time of post *  The National Science Foundation (NSF) brings you a myriad of science- and engineering-related images and videos to explore in the Science360 app.  Students can choose media from the 360 view, search tags for content, or look through the newsfeed for the latest uploads.  When viewing each image/video, there is a caption button that students can press to find out more information about the topic, and all media can be saved (click on the star) to easily locate information later.

Compatible with the following device(s): iPad

Implementation in classroom:

– Activity idea: This app would be great to use as part of a scientific literacy development project.  Students can work in groups to explore the media offered in this app.  These videos can spark science-related questions they may want to pursue or present interesting information that makes students curious.  Groups pick a topic/question/problem…

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